Imagined Landscapes Triangle Peaks Quilt

I bought this Triangle Peaks pattern from Emily over at Quilty Love a while back and having been wanting to give it a go - I am a sucker for triangle quilts (see here and here).

Imagined Landscapes Triangle Peaks Quilt

While one of the things I enjoy the very most about quilting is coming up with my own patterns, sometimes it is fun to sew someone else's too. It is so important that quilters support each other.

Stepping Stones Quilt

Toward the end of last year I saw this awesome pattern on Instagram and knew it would be perfect for my nephew. I had already picked out of a stack of (mostly) Denyse Schmidt prints to use for the quilt, and since this pattern was also made was made with her prints, I knew it wouldn't turn out too girly.

Stepping Stones Quilt

The pattern is great. It is a little challenging since you end up sewing on the bias A LOT so it is not a great choice for beginners. But it is one that I will definitely make again.

December Culcita Box Unboxing (A Little Late!)

I know it's January, but I am finally getting around to post the December Culcita Box unboxing.

December Culcita Box Unboxing

This collection is Quantum by Giucy Giuce and has really rich, gorgeous basic prints that work really well together or would be great mixed with other collections.

2018 in Review

This has BY FAR been my busiest year ever.

In addition to making more quilts, writing more patterns, and spending more time answering emails this year, my kids are getting older and now have activities and more homework. I have started doing some math tutoring, I have weekly responsibilities working with the youth at my church, and I have made actual homemade dinner more times than ever before in my life. My little pattern business has grown steadily and I have worked really hard to make my patterns as thorough, clear, concise, and visually appealing as possible ;) We also became foster parents and now have a 4 year old little girl living with us (I will probably be sharing more about this later).

It has been amazing, invigorating, and exhausting.

In total I have -
Sunnyside Ave Even-Steven Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Released 13 new patterns

Sugarplum Quilt

Sugarplum Quilt - The Patti Quilt Pattern
I knew that I wanted to make a Christmas quilt this year but there were SO many gorgeous fabric choices! After some debating, I decided to go with Heather Ross' Sugarplum collection.

Sugarplum Quilt - The Patti Quilt Pattern

These fabrics were just the best to work with. So pretty, so soft, so sweet. Especially the peppermints and the mice and the polka dots and the plaid . . .

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