Minky Blankets

Last week I did a little non-quilt sewing that has made me very popular at my house.

Minky Blankets - Kitchen Table Quilting

My kids LOVE quilts backed with minky, so I thought they would really enjoy some blankets with minky on both sides. That makes them twice as cozy and makes them a little bit on the heavier side (which is something my kids really like).

The Year of the Scrap Quilt

This year I am putting a lot of energy into reducing the content of my scrap bins. I considered just getting rid of everything and starting over, but I have an emotional attachment to my scraps. Each one is a little piece of something that I have made and I love making scrap projects.

scrappy kaleidoscope quilt
Scrappy Kaleidoscope Quilt (with tutorial)

I love making scrap quilts SO MUCH. They are always my go-to project when I’m feeling drained or stuck or just tired. There is something so restorative about taking lots of little pieces that could have easily been trash - and making them into something useful. It really helps me to understand and feel a connection with early quilt makers who made beautiful quilts with old pieces of clothing. It is pretty magical.

Plaid-ish Scrap Quilt (and Tutorial)

I have mentioned it before, but I am making a real effort this year to burn through some of my scraps. So far I have made 4 scrap quilts (see here, here, here, and here), but there are still so many scraps in my bin.

Plaid-ish Quilt Tutorial - Kitchen Table Quilting

There were a large number of long, skinny strips and leftover charm squares and I wanted to make a quilt that used as many of them as possible. After playing around with a few ideas, I decided to give a plaid-inspired design a try.

To Newsletter or Not to Newsletter

Recently I have been ignoring my newsletter. I hadn't sent one out in about 6 months because, well, I'm not really sure I understand the point. Between my blog and Instagram, I'm not sure I have much else to say. And if I have something to say, don't I want to post it here?

habitat quilt top
I try to be a minimalist when it comes to extras - as fun as they can be, I'd rather use my time to sew. But recently I have started to wonder if there is value to newsletters and I opened up this question in my Instagram stories: What do you value in a newsletter?

My Violet Quilt

The Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting
Thank you all so much for your excitement about the Violet Quilt Pattern! I wanted to share a little more about my quilt, which I made using some beloved Anna Maria Horner prints.

The Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

A while back, I picked up a fat quarter bundle of AMH's gorgeous Dowry collection. Whenever I buy FQ bundles I am always so afraid to cut into them - they are so pretty wrapped up in ribbon - but this one has been calling my name!

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