The Penny QAL - How Much Fabric Do I Need?

Thank you for joining in with the Penny Quiltalong! Today I will be discussing fabrics - specifically how many different fabrics you need.

The Penny Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

In the pattern, you have four different types of fabrics: A, B, C, and D. Fabric A will be the smaller squares, Fabric B will be in the middle, and Fabric C will be on the outer edge. Fabric D is the slim sashing fabric. 

The Penny QAL Week 1 - What to Expect

Tomorrow is the first day of the Penny QAL and I wanted to give you a little rundown on what you can expect. Depending on how things go, we may make some adjustments but this is the current plan.

The Penny Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

Each week there will be at least one blog post (some weeks will have several posts) with information. In the first couple of weeks, there is more information to share so expect more posts at the beginning and then fewer posts later as we put the quilt together. 

The Abigail Quilt - All of the Mockups

 This week instead of a Quilt Ideas post (see past posts here) where I mockup one fabric collection in different patterns, I am doing the opposite - lots of collections mocked up in the Abigail Quilt Pattern.

Two Abigail Quilts - Kitchen Table Quilting

Just a couple of reminders before we get to the mockups - today is the very last day to get the pattern on sale in my shop. Also, on Monday we will be starting the Penny Quiltalong and I hope you are going to join in with us - it is going to be a lot of fun. Find out more info about the QAL here

The Abigail Quilt - Denyse Schmidt Version

Way back earlier this year when I was designing and writing the Abigail Quilt, I needed a quick project and decided to go ahead and make a sample quilt. If you have been following me for a while you won't be surprised with my fabric selection - I decided to use a variety of Denyse Schmidt prints.

The Abigail Quilt in Denyse Schmidt Prints - Kitchen Table Quilting

I am a huge fan of Denyse's work and have made lots of quilts using her prints:

Swoon Quilt

A Halloween Quilt

Giant Block Picnic Quilt

Stepping Stones Quilt

A Hope Valley Quilt

A Hadley Quilt

A Quilt for my Grandparents

Five + Ten Quilt

Cut Loose Quilt

Bowtie Quilt

The Abigail Quilt - Black and White Version

I realized recently that I have never made a black and white quilt. After more than a decade of quilting and dozens and dozens of completed quilts, not a single one of them was black and white.

The Abigail Quilt in Black and White - Kitchen Table Quilting

This seems especially strange because I love buying black prints and have a large number of them in my stash. The Abigail Quilt pattern was perfect for my very first black and white quilt because it (a) is a great stashbuster, (b) would show off some of my favorite black and white prints that I have been hoarding, and (c) the bold pattern would really work with a limited color palette. 

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