The Iris Quilt in Ombre

When I first started writing patterns, I generally only made one version of each one. In fact, it has been pretty rare for me to ever make a pattern more than once. But about a year ago I decided I wanted to try to make at least 2 versions before I released a pattern. 

The Iris Quilt in Ombre - Kitchen Table Quilting

I wasn't sure how much I was going to enjoy this - I like to mix things up - but it has actually been great. Making the pattern once is fun, but making it differently is even more fun. 

The Iris Quilt - Pattern Testers' Quilts

Today I get to share my pattern testers's quilts with you! I know I say this every time, but I cannot express to you how grateful I am to all of these wonderful people. Every single time I am blown away by how much better they are able to help me make my patterns. 

The Iris Quilt in Tula Pink - Kitchen Table Quilting

There is so much mental energy that goes into writing patterns and sometimes I just cannot see an issue or a better way to do something or a sentence that is confusing (or math that is just wrong!). And then on top of that, they make these beautiful quilts. Just wonderful.

So here they are - I am going to link to their IG accounts to so you can find them all over there.

The Iris Quilt in Tula Pink

Thank you all so much for your support with the Iris Quilt! I have been working on this pattern throughout the quarantine and I really wanted a HAPPY quilt for the cover. I was so excited to see Tula Pink's new True Colors collection and I knew it would be perfect. 

The Iris Quilt in Tula Pink - Kitchen Table Quilting

This pattern took me several months to design because I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish with one project. I wanted it to be quick, fabric efficient, lots of fun, useful for lots of different precuts, scrap friendly, etc. It took me a while to figure it all out, but I am so happy with the result. 

A New Pattern - The Iris Quilt

I am so excited to finally be able to share this quilt with you! My most popular quilt pattern has been my Tessa Quilt and I frequently have people ask me if that quilt is jelly roll or fat quarter friendly (it's not). A few months ago, I started to try to create a similar pattern that was jelly roll or fat quarter friendly.
The Iris Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

And after a few months of playing around with different options, I came up with the Iris Quilt which is jelly roll AND fat quarter AND scrap friendly. It was worth the wait.

An Ella Quilt From my Stash

An Ella Quilt from the Stash - Kitchen Table Quilting
Earlier this year, I started a new Ella Quilt on a whim using some prints from my stash. But then . . . I completely forgot to share it!

An Ella Quilt from the Stash - Kitchen Table Quilting

I probably forgot to post about it because (1) it wasn't part of my plan and was just a fun project and (2) because it was so quick to put together. At least I remembered to take photos so it didn't get forgotten forever!
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