Friday, August 19, 2016

A Quilt for a Boy

For the past few years I have been making quilts for my nieces and nephews as they have turned 8. It seems like all of the kids were born in groupings and in the past year 2 nephews and my daughter have all turned 8, they are keeping me busy!
A Quilt for a Boy
This quilt is for our nephew Aiden.   He turns 8 this month and that is the age in our church when kids are baptized.  We are going to miss his baptism because of a conflict, so this one is going to have to go in the mail.
A Quilt for a Boy
I used the backing fabric for the color inspiration and went with a variety of blues and greens. The quilt top is made up of 3.75" finished half square triangles so this involved a lot of trimming!  
A Quilt for a Boy
I cut my binding strips 2.75" wide which is what I have been doing more and more often.  When I first started quilting I always used 2.25" wide binding strips, then moved on to 2.5", and now I am preferring 2.75".  One thing that I like about the wider binding is that it seems to be easier to make a nice, crisp corner.  

Finished size: 57" x 68"
Backing Fabric: Denyse Schmidt Franklin
Binding Fabric: Pure Elements Nocturnal (available here)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

a little updating

While I have continued to post, things around the blog had gotten a little out of date.  I hadn't updated the Quilt tab in almost a year, oops!  That has now been updated, as well as adding a tab for my patterns and updated the header.  I have also added a couple of quilts to my Etsy shop.  They are minor changes to the blog and shop, but they took me forever so I am posting about them!
Sorry if things have been a little quiet here. With the kids home for the summer, there wasn't much time for sewing, but these cuties are back to school so once I get the house back in order, I will be back to quilting!
Harper and Jonah 1st Day fo School 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Pillow Covers (Part 1)

The pillows in our family room get a lot of use.  They get slept on, jumped on, thrown, crawled over, etc. and every year or so they need to be replaced.  The other day when I suddenly had an evening where I had finished all of my current projects and wasn't quite ready to start anything else on my to do list, I made a couple of pillow covers.
Hazel Pillow Front
This one uses scraps from Allison Harris' Hazel collection that I had leftover from making this quilt.  I think that this collection has such a fun and happy color combo.  I used some larger scraps for the back as well and this pillow cover finished up at 20" x 20".
Hazel Pillow Back
The back has a zipper closure that I made using this method.  I have tried a few different closure methods, but this is the one that I keep coming back to. 
Panda Pillow Front
And then I made a second pillow cover using leftovers from this quilt and this quilt.  I made the mistake of not measuring my pillow form before I made the pillow and there is now a 14" pillow form stuffed into a 12" pillow cover.  Oops!  I think I might get a smaller pillow form and add this to my daughter's bed since this pillow is a little on the small side for the family room
Panda Pillow Back
I am halfway through making another pillow cover that I will hopefully finish at some point, so stay tuned for Part 2!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Betty Quilt Pattern

Whew. Guys, writing patterns is no joke. I have been wanting to write up a pattern for this design since I made this quilt a few months ago but I knew that I needed to change how the quilt was constructed. With the help of my lovely pattern testers, and after lots of hours of staring at my computer screen, The Betty Quilt Pattern is now ready on both Craftsy and Etsy.  
Betty Quilt
I thought that this quilt would work great as a twin size quilt, but I also know that not everyone wants to make a twin size quilt, so the pattern is available in Baby (42" x 51"), Lap (60" x 68"), and Twin (68" x 93") sizes.  

My version is twin sized and uses a combination of Cotton + Steel Basics and Printshop prints and RJR Cotton Supreme Solids.  Since the RJR Solids coordinate with Cotton + Steel prints, they work together nicely.  Also, Printshop is probably my favorite C+S collection ever. It is printed on unbleached cotton and it is dynamic and versatile.  This quilt is for my 8 year old daughter.  She loves green, blue, turquoise, aqua, etc. so I knew I wanted to go that direction for the color scheme and these Printshop prints worked perfectly.Betty Quilt Close Up
To help you plan the color placement on your quilt, the pattern comes with coloring pages for each size. One great thing about this pattern is that it is quick!  I cut and pieced my twin size version in a couple of afternoons.
Betty Twin Quilt
This pattern, like my other patterns, is named after a woman who impacted my life.  Betty was my preschool teacher and my 5th grade teacher and she lived across the street from my family (can you tell I'm from a small town?).  She passed away earlier this year and I knew I wanted to name a pattern after her.

I had four pattern testers helping me out this time around and they are all so wonderful.  I love how they each did something a little different with their version.

Miranda's Quilt
Miranda's Betty QuiltMiranda made the twin size version in Bonnie and Camille, Lella Boutique, and Quilted Fish prints with a black Moda Crossweave for the background fabric.  I love seeing the pattern with a darker background print - it really makes the prints pop.  

Lynda's Quilt
Lynda's Betty Quilt

Lynda used just three different fabrics for her baby quilt.  I had been wondering how the pattern would look in a limited color palette and I think it turned out great!  

Cathy's Quilt
Cathy's Betty Quilt
Cathy's Betty Quilt
Cathy used cute Dr. Seuss prints for her baby quilt.  I love how it highlights the larger scale prints and I love her quilting!

Sally's Quilt
Sally's Betty Quilt
Sally's Betty Quilt

Sally used one of my favorite prints - I love those elephants! - to make a lap size version of the quilt. She was able to use some large scale directional prints and I really like how it enhances the woven effect of the pattern.  And she pieced the quilt backing so she clearly has more patience than I do ;)

I hope you enjoy the pattern.  If you make a version, I would love to see it!  Tag it with the hashtag #thebettyquilt on Instagram or email me a photo.
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