2017 in Review

I know I am a little late to the game, but 2018 has started out busy and I wanted a little time to reflect on the past year.

Looking back at my year-in-review of 2016, I am reminded of how difficult that year was for me.  Pretty much the hardest year thus far. In contrast, 2017 was busy and happy and wonderful (mostly, of course there were ups and downs) but I would like to take a few minutes to review what happened over the past year.

Panache Quilt (and Scrap Giveaway)

Things around here have been busy. Not with sewing busy-ness, just life busy-ness, and it has been good but it meant that this quilt took FOREVER.

Panache Quilt

January Quilt Block Tutorial - Giant Block Tutorial Series

Welcome to the very first month in the Giant Block Tutorial Series. Each month I will be sharing a tutorial with information on some of your favorite quilt blocks - only extra big! This is a fun way to add an extra punch to your projects by:
- Giving traditional blocks a more modern look
- Showing off large scale prints
- Creating quick quilt projects
Some of the blocks will be more traditional and some more modern, some will be simpler and some are more complicated. For the January block, we are doing something simple. I am not sure if this block has a name, so I am just going to call it the January Block.

City Grid Quilt

I recently volunteered to test a pattern for Meghan over at Then Came June. Even though I have been really busy lately, I love testing patterns and it looked like a fun step outside of my comfort zone.
City Grid Quilt

December Culcita Box Unboxing - Wild Side by Libs Elliott

I hope you all had a very Happy Holidays! December has flown by but I wanted to make sure to share this post before 2018 begins.

This month's Culcita Box contained Wild Side by Libs Elliott.
December Culcita Box Unboxing
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