Imagined Landscapes Quilt

I finally got around to finishing this Imagined Landscapes quilt. Lately it feels like I have less time to sew than ever and it is really taking a toll on my morale. It is amazing how therapeutic sewing can be, and how much I miss it when I am busy.

Imagined Landscapes - The Mary Quilt Pattern Kitchen Table Quilting

This collection is just beautiful. All of the blues and teals and golds and pinks are some of my favorite colors and the fabrics have a really lovely depth to them.

Happy Cloud Batting Sale

I don't normally make posts about sales or deals, but I thought this one justified its own post. Fat Quarter Shop has their Happy Cloud batting on sale and it is a steal. I have used this batting in several projects and have found it to be comparable in quality to Warm and Natural or Quilter's Dream Cotton Request. The normal price on the batting is a pretty good deal, so 20% off is great. Head over and pick some up before they sell out!

English Garden Patchwork Quilt

When I opened the August Culcita box, my first thought was that I wanted to make a simple patchwork quilt with the English Garden fabrics. But then I thought I should probably do something more exciting. After playing around with ideas for a while, I ended up back with simple squares.

English Garden Quilt

The Libby Quilt in Panorama

I have been wanting to make another version of my Libby Quilt pattern and I thought it would be fun to make it in Panorama. Those sheep - they are too cute!

The Libby Quilt in Panorama 2
The Libby Quilt in Panorama 4

If you were following along with my Instagram stories last week you might have seen me make this entire quilt top during my son's nap time. It is a crazy quick quilt to put together!

October Giant Block Tutorial

October Giant Block Tutorial
October Giant Block Tutorial

Welcome to the October Giant Block Tutorial! Has 2018 flown by for anyone else? I am still writing 2017 half of the time when I write the date. I can't keep up!

You can download the tutorial for this block (with instructions for both 24" and 36" versions) here. There is also a suggestion for using each size block in the quilt. To see past tutorials, check out these past posts.

October Giant Block Tutorial

And while you are over in the shop, check out my PDF and paper patterns!

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