The Nancy Quilt - A New Pattern

The Nancy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
I am excited to share a new pattern with you today - this is The Nancy Quilt! It is the first of 3 patterns that I will be sharing over the next three weeks; all of them are currently listed in the shop and they will all be on sale for the entire 3 week period. 
The Nancy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

This pattern is considered "experienced beginner" which means that even though the block construction is simple, the quilt is on point so it is perfect for anyone who is making their second or third quilt and beyond.

There is a ton of potential for this pattern depending on your fabric choices and there is a section in the pattern that gives suggestions along with some mockups of how this quilt would work with different fabrics. I am working on a Christmas version of this pattern and you can follow along with the my progress on Instagram.

The inspiration for this pattern was actually the fabric that I used for the cover quilt - it is Smitten by Bonnie and Camille and I love it so much! The thing that inspired this pattern from the fabric is how the colors are interwoven throughout the collection.

Stocking Stuffers for Quilters

2017 Christmas Stockings
Stocking Stuffers for Quilters

Do you stuff your own Christmas stocking? I stuff mine, my husband's, all three of our kids', and even the dog's and it is absolutely one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Big gifts are great, but I like to find some small, meaningful gifts to put into the stockings.

The funny thing is that I always have an easier time filling everyone else's stockings and a really difficult time trying to do with mine. I usually end up with chapstick and a new tube of nice mascara and a box of Andes mints, but that's about it.

This year is going to be different and I am going to buy myself some nice quilting-related items to fill my stocking. Since I am doing some shopping for myself, I thought I would share some of my ideas with you. Some of these are things I have (and love!) and some are things that I want.


Notions make great stocking stuffers because they are useful, they are (usually) pretty cute, and they are small so they fit nicely in a stocking. 
1. Thread (Aurifil 50 wt. in Dove Gray is my favorite)
3. A pink(!) rotary cutter
4. A pin bowl (It will be a little heavy, but it will fit!)
5. Binding Tool (This saved me when I first started quilting and was so terrified about joining the binding strip! It is great!)
6. Pretty scissors
7. Sewing machine cleaning brushes
8. Super cute Moda Orange Peel Tin
9. Seam ripper
10. Needle Nanny

Quilted-Related Enamel Pins

I have recently gotten really into enamel pins - they are so fun and there are so many cute ones out there!
2. Fabric Only! (Fabric scissors)
3. Swoon
7. Maker


As fun as all of the quilting accessories are, we are really all in it for the fabric, right?
Do you have any stocking stuffers on your wish list this year? I would love some suggestions in the comments!

I also maintain a list of my favorite quilting supplies here if you are looking for more ideas ;)

None of these items are sponsored, but there are affiliate links in this post. Affiliate links help support this blog and keep it going. Thank you for your support!
Stocking Stuffers for Quilters

December Giant Block Tutorial

December GB 24
Yes, I know it is technically still November but the first of the month is on a Saturday next month so I thought I'd sneak the December Block tutorial on a day early.

When I first started working on these at the beginning of the year, I had about half of the blocks planned out and I left the other half to figure out along the way; there were some blocks that I knew I wanted to do, but I wanted to leave some room for new ideas. This block was the first one that I decided on and it is my favorite.

November Culcita Box Unboxing - Imagined Landscapes

I am excited to share this month's Culcita Box with you - it is Imagined Landscapes by Jen Hewett. This is the first time that the fabric that came in the box is something that I have already worked with, and I don't mind this one a bit ;) The fabric is gorgeous.

November Culcita Box Unboxing - Kitchen Table Quilting

This is also the first time that the delivery has come in its new packaging: a bag! I think my mailman is grateful because it now fits in my mailbox (I think it's pretty great too).

Black Friday Sale

The Libby Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
Happy shopping! It's Black Friday and I wanted to make a post to let you know about the sale I have going on in my shop and I also wanted to let you know about some great ways to stock up on supplies this weekend.

Everything in the shop (this includes PDF patterns, paper patterns, AND finished quilts) are 30% off with coupon code 30OFF. I recently added all of the finished quilts in my stockpile to the shop so it is well stocked ;)

This is the biggest discount I have EVER done, especially on finished quilts, and I am so excited to share it with you as a thank you for all of your support!
There are going to be screaming deals on fabric and quilting supplies, so I wanted to share a few of the sale items I always watch for.
  • Fabric (of course) - I always look for some deals on fabric, but this is a particularly great time to stock up on things like white/gray solid, backing fabric, basics, etc. Shop around your favorite Etsy shop or check out Stash Fabrics, they usually have a deal going. 
  • Batting - I usually buy batting by the roll, but packaged batting is more convenient and when I can find it on sale, I will buy a few packs. I usually check out Fat Quarter Shop because they sell Happy Cloud batting which I think is the best bang for your buck. 

  • Thread - I buy all of my thread for the year during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. My personal favorite thread is the Aurifil cones. A cone will fit on my Janome MC6600p, but if a cone doesn't fit on your machine, using a cone holder is a great option because thread by the cone is a much better deal. I usually buy my cones from Fat Quarter Shop or Craftsy.
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