A Shop Sale and an Auction for Wildfire Relief

The Kelly Quilt in Rainbow - Kitchen Table Quilting

First things first: I am having a shop sale to celebrate reaching 20,000 followers on Instagram. Use code 20K to get 20% off all patterns through September 19th at midnight PST. This applies to any paper or PDF pattern

And secondly, I am going to be auctioning a quilt on Instagram and donating the proceeds to wildfire relief here in the Willamette Valley area of Oregon via the Mid-Valley Wildfire Relief Fund. I live in Salem and just a few miles to the east, there is a huge wildfire called the Beachie Creek Fire that has devastated several towns. So many people have been displaced from their homes and everyone has been negatively impacted by smoke and terrible air quality.

The Kelly Quilt in Idyllic

Getting this post up on the blog was on my list for Monday, so that should tell you a little bit about how this week is going 😜 We are getting close to school starting (well, school-from-home as we are distance learning here until at least mid-November) so things have been a little nuts.

Last week I introduced you to the Kelly Quilt Pattern and this week I get to show you my second version of the quilt.

The Kelly Quilt in Idyllic - Kitchen Table Quilting

Minki Kim has a really beautiful new collection coming out this month called Idyllic and she was nice enough to send me a bundle to work with. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would work perfectly with my Kelly pattern

The Kelly Quilt - Pattern Testers' Quilts

Today I get to share my pattern testers' quilts for The Kelly Quilt Pattern with you. I am always so grateful for the wonderful group of women that is willing to test my patterns - there is so much value in trying to understand a pattern from someone else's perspective. They really make the pattern so much better.


This time around we had hiccups with a couple of testers who had life get in the way of finishing up their quilts so I won't have as many quilts to share this time. This is a difficult time to make room to help someone else when life is so crazy so I am grateful for all of the help that I was given. Especially from Sandie, who tests a lot of my patterns but didn't have time to make this quilt but she gave me a ton of feedback that was incredibly helpful. Thank you Sandie!

New Pattern - The Kelly Quilt


When I am working on a pattern, one important step in the process is trying the pattern out with several different fabric collections. I have found that sometimes a pattern works really well with one or two collections, but doesn't work well with others - I want my patterns to be versatile and work with what you have (or what you want to buy).


If a design doesn't work well with lots of different options, I don't make the pattern. The reason that I am bringing this up today is because the Kelly Quilt pattern works SO WELL with SO MANY fabrics (you can check out some of them here). Having a pattern that is adaptable makes it so much fun to sew with.

Summer Sampler 2020

Summer Sampler 2020 - Kitchen Table Quilting

 A while back, I mentioned that I had designed a block for Summer Sampler 2020 and that I would be sewing along. I haven't posted my blocks here, but I have posted them over on Instagram and I have mostly kept up with the sew along (fell off the wagon for the past couple weeks, but I'm back on it!). 

This week is the Orbit block which is the one that I designed - the concept behind the Summer Sampler this year was that the blocks would be easier to make than they appear.

Orbit Block - Summer Sampler 2020

This was my test block when I first was working on design ideas - I love the circle shape that the blocks creates, but there are no crazy curves or paper piecing, just traditional shapes. 
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