The Delilah Quilt Pattern - Pattern Testers' Quilts

 The Delilah Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
These are the quilts made by my pattern testers! One thing that I really love about the Delilah Quilt Pattern, is that you can be pretty bold with your sashing color choice. I love how these quilts show that off!

I also love how well it shows off fussy cut fabric - these quilts are so much fun! These wonderful quilters are so amazing and helpful and I am so very grateful for them. I have included a link to their Instagram accounts next to their names; if you have a minute, click over to their account and let them know how much you like their quilt!

The Delilah Quilt - A New Pattern

The Delilah Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
Are you ready for a new pattern? This is the Delilah Quilt Pattern and it is layer cake friendly!

The Delilah Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

I have talked a little here before about the approach I want to take with my patterns this year - I want to write patterns that are joyful to make. To me, that means that they need to have a few qualifications:

A Twin Size Quilt

A couple of years ago, I made a quilt that was inspired by a BOM series from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. It was a lot of fun and I decided that it would be a fun pattern to making matching quilts for the beds in my daughter's room.

A Twin Size Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

At the time, we were fostering a 4 year old little girl and I knew that she would get a kick out of having matching beds. Not too long after that, that little girl ended up going to a long term guardianship and the blocks for both quilts sat on the shelf.

Good Habits for Quilters - Changing Out Your Rotary Blade

The Libby Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
I know that some of you saw the title of this post and rolled your eyes. If you did that, this post is especially for you. Today we are going to talk about changing our rotary blades.

Good Habits for Quilters- Changing Your Rotary Blade - Kitchen Table Quilting

Changing out your rotary blade is not very glamorous. Replacement blades are not super cheap so it can feel like you are being frugal by hanging on to an old blade long past its prime. Here are just a few advantages of changing out your rotary blade regularly:

The Birdie Quilt - Jelly Roll Version

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some photos of this quilt a while back when I was putting it together. It has been on the back burner as I have finished up some other projects, but I finally got it finished and photographed so I could share it with you.

DSCF6176-EditThe Birdie Quilt (Jelly Roll Version) - Kitchen Table Quilting

This is the Birdie Quilt pattern made with a jelly roll! Well, technically it is made with 2.5" strips cut from my stash, but it could have been made with a jelly roll. I have been trying to pull from my stash a little more and this was such a fun way to do it.
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