Dilly Dahlia Giant Block Tutorial

Dilly Dahlia Giant Block Quilt
The weather did not want to cooperate with photos of this quilt. So. Much. Rain.

Dilly Dahlia Giant Block Quilt

But finally this morning, one rain-free hour coincided with a time when one of my quilt holders was home (my 8 year old son!) so I finally got a few photos.

Sewing Room Update #2 (and a Lighting Review)

I have been trying to squeeze in a few minutes every day to continue working on my mini-sewing room remodel and I can't believe I waited this long to make changes.

Sewing Room Remodel Stage 2

The latest changes have involved the area around my cutting table and have probably made the biggest functional, daily difference in my life. Here is the breakdown of what I did:

The Lovely Hunt Quilt (and confronting scary things)

I am running a little behind on . . . everything (it's spring break here!) but I wanted to share a little more about my version of my Sadie Quilt pattern.

The Sadie Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

Making this quilt was super special to me for a couple of different reasons. One is that it was turning this quilt, which I made during a time when I was going through some tough things, into a pattern to share with all of you. That turned out to be really wonderful and therapeutic.

All the Rectangles Scrap Quilt

It is easy to forget because sometimes scrap quilts can be a little tedious to make, but they are seriously so much fun! I have been working on this quilt on and off for the past few weeks and I just soaked up every minute.

All the Rectangles Scrap Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

There is something about sorting through little pieces of old projects and then sewing them back together into something new. This one in particular was felt magical because the end result has a glow-y, ethereal effect (I think it is because of all of the pink?).

New Pattern - The Sadie Quilt

The Sadie Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
This is a pattern that I have been wanting to write for a very long time. It is called The Sadie Quilt and it is on sale for 20% off in my shop for the rest of the week.

The Sadie Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

About 3 years ago I made this quilt as a custom order and have had several requests for a pattern, but I knew that it would not be an easy pattern to put together. I was right - writing this pattern just about drove me nuts. But the things that made it difficult to write are also the things that make it faster and easier for you to make the quilt.

  • Fat quarter cutting diagrams - these allow you to efficiently use fat quarters (though of course you can use any cut of fabric to make your quilt).
  • Partial blocks - instead of making full blocks that go around the edge of the quilt, the pattern has you make partial blocks. This saves a lot of time and a lot of fabric and makes trimming the finished quilt top much easier.
  • Cutting instructions that are written for per block to help you individualize your quilt - this helps a lot if you want to rainbow-ize your quilt like I did ;)

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