Friday, February 17, 2017

Rainbow BRIGHT Quilt

It's a little gloomy and gray here in Oregon and I was in the mood for something colorful.
Rainbow Bright Quilt
The colors on this one are not subtle - I may have gone a little overboard! It uses some of my favorite Kona colors: Sangria, Flame, Grellow, Chartreuse, Breakers, and Geranium.  The binding is Kona Nightfall. 
Rainbow Bright Quilt

The pattern is my Deep Blue Sea tutorial. The curves on this quilt are gentle and it comes together quickly.  I decided to quilt it using wavy lines.  It gives the quilt a nice, crinkly texture.  
Rainbow Bright Quilt

The colors on the front were inspired by the colors from this print. It is from Michael Miller's Flock collection.  I have had it in my stash for a while, but it is still available.  I might need to get some more.  I sewed the binding down onto the back of the quilt with Perle cotton as is my usual lately.  

Pattern: Deep Blue Sea

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sleep Tight - February Culcita Box Unboxing

Happy mail indeed.
Culcita Box
This month's Culcita Box contained Sleep Tight by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel.  Since we were in the middle of moving during Quilt Market, I missed seeing most of the collections and this one was new to me.  
Culcita Box

And it is gorgeous!
Culcita Box
I think this fabric will make a perfect baby quilt.  It has some really fun animal prints and I love the low volume combined with the bright green pops of color.  
Culcita Box
Looks like my fortune was right.

So far I am really impressed with this subscription box. In the past I have seen subscription boxes as kind of a burden - they send you something and you are stuck with it whether you like it or not.  But the Culcita Box subscription feels more like an exciting present when it arrives in the mail.  It is nice to have an infusion of new, beautiful fabrics into my stash.

I also wanted to thank everyone for their kind words about my daughter's pneumonia.  She is doing much better and should be able to go back to school in the next couple days.  

*Culcita Box provided the fabrics in exchange for my thoughts on their product, but the the thoughts expressed here are my own.  The fabric speaks for itself, it is gorgeous!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Underwater Missouri Star Quilt (and scrap giveaway)

So we have kind of had a crazy week.  If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen the craziness, but yesterday my daughter's school called to tell me that she had passed out at school and they had called an ambulance.

Then I panicked a little bit.

I rushed over to the school and found my very pale daughter being examined by paramedics.  I followed the ambulance over to the emergency room and after several hours of evaluation and tests, and despite not having any significant symptoms, an x-ray revealed that she has pneumonia.

She is home with me for the rest of the week while the antibiotics do their job, so I enlisted her to take a few quilt photos.  I know these photos aren't the best, just remember that those little feet in the photo belong to a little girl who has pneumonia and whose mom is making her take quilt photos.
Underwater Missouri Star Quilt
I made this quilt with the fabrics that came in the Culcita box.  I had left them out on my shelf and they were calling to me.
Underwater Missouri Star Quilt
The block is the Missouri Star block.  I saw it on Pinterest this weekend and thought it would be a great fit for the fabric.
Underwater Missouri Star Quilt
The binding is scrappy and I used chunky, Perle cotton stitches to attach it to the back of the quilt.  I have started finishing all of my bindings this way because it feels more secure, I enjoy it, and I think it gives the quilt a nice personal touch.  The backing is Kona Navy. I don't usually back quilts with solid fabric, but I thought it went well with the scrappy binding.
Underwater Missouri Star Quilt
I have a few inches of each print left, is anyone interested?  I am continuing my quest to not be overrun with scraps, so I am happy to pass them on.  If you are interested, just leave a comment on this post and I will choose a winner this weekend.

The winner of the giveaway is Kathy E.  I will email you for your mailing address. 

Fabric: Underwater by Elizabeth Olsen
Finished size: 52" x 52"
Backing: Kona Navy

Friday, February 3, 2017

Scrap-Apple Quilt - Scrappy Project Planner Sew Along

I'm going to let you in a little secret: I am super disorganized. And generally I am disorganized to the point where a planner is really no help because I can't find the planner underneath the heap of papers on my desk, but I have found a planner I think I will actually use.

The Scrappy Project Planner is wonderful.  Will I use it diligently, every single day?  Probably not, I  am hopeless, but it has so many useful tools that make it worth digging through the papers to find it.  Let me start with the patterns.  The book has 6 quilt patterns, all of which I am interested in making for scrappy and non-scrappy projects alike. Over the next few weeks you will be able to see these quilts as part of the sew along.  I decided to make the Scrap-Apple quilt.
This uses a Pineapple block, which I had never made before.  It used up scraps like crazy and was a fun (but time consuming!) project.  One of my favorite things about the way that the patterns are written is that each one gives directions for making the full quilt and directions for making a single block.  I wanted to make a smaller quilt so this made sizing the quilt down nice and easy.
Scrap-Apple Quilt
The best thing about the planner is the section with size charts.  There are tables for making flying geese, HSTs, corner triangles, hourglass blocks, etc.  I normally use Google to find this info but it is nice to have them in one place and I have already put them to good use.

The FQS has put together a wonderful video showing all of the tools that the planner offers.

I thoroughly enjoyed making my quilt and I am going to be donating it to the local school district which collects comfort items for homeless students.
Scrap-Apple Quilt
Finished size: 48" x 60"
Backing/binding fabric: both from Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill collection
Pattern: Scrap-Apple by Lori Holt
Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton Select

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