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The Tessa Quilt - Charley Harper Version - Kitchen Table Quilting
Over the past 10 years (and 2 months) I have written

948 blog posts

Isn't that crazy? I was curious to see which posts were the most popular. Some were a surprise, some weren't (plaid-ish!).Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

Here are the posts along with the links so you can check them out yourself.

#10 - City Grid Quilt

This was a pattern that I tested for Then Came June and it resulted in one of my favorite, favorite pictures of my youngest son, August.

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

#9 - The Eliza Quilt Pattern

The Eliza Quilt is one of my favorite (and most popular) patterns so I wasn't surprised to see this one pop up. This pattern was originally only available as a lap size quilt, but I have expanded the sizing to include baby, twin, and queen sizes as well.

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

#8 - January Giant Block Tutorial

A few years ago I released a monthly free tutorial that could be made as a 24" or 36" block. This was such a fun series and the January block continues to be one of the most popular in the series.

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

#7 - Deep Blue Sea Tutorial

I love this quilt. It is a great intro to curves if you are a newer quilter because the curves are very gentle. I have seen it made in all different kinds of colors, but these blues are my favorites. The colors that I used are listed in the blog post. You can download the tutorial here

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

#6 - Lagoon HST Tutorial

I had some leftover Lagoon fabric a few years ago and thought I would use it to make an HST quilt that resembled confetti. This tutorial is a great way to use up HSTs that are leftover from different projects and is great for scraps. 

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

#5 - Wildside Pickle Dish Quilt

Do you have a quilting bucket list? This was one of the only quilts on mine. I decided to make it baby size since it is a time consuming block, but I ended up loving the quilt and the process used to make it. The pattern that I used can be found in this book.

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

#4 - To Newsletter or Not to Newsletter

I was actually pretty surprised that this post made the list. I did a post a few years ago about whether or not having a newsletter and collection a mailing list are worth it (spoiler alert that I can now attest to: definitely worth it). I have since switched my newsletter to Flodesk which is a very affordable and easy-to-use option. Make sure to sign up for my mailing list if you haven't already!

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

#3 - The Plaid-ish Quilt

I was actually expecting this post to be number one, but it was pretty high on the list anyway. This is definitely the most popular pattern or tutorial I have written with thousands of posts in the #plaidishquilt hashtag. I never get tired of seeing them show up in my Instagram feed!

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

#2 - The Year of the Scrap Quilt

You guys. know I love scrap quilts. This was a post about some of my favorites. The most-used quilts in my house are all scrap quilts and I think they will always be my favorite to make. I am increasingly trying to include instructions in my patterns that make the pattern scrap-friendly. It doesn't work for all patterns, but it does for lots of them!

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

#1 - Striped Chevrons Quilt

This was written back when chevron quilts were all the rage. It is one of the first tutorials that I ever wrote and it has almost double the number of page views of the number 2 post on this list. The tutorial has instructions for baby size, but I wrote instructions for a lap size version my Debbie Quilt pattern.

Top 10 Blog Posts - Kitchen Table Quilting

Phew. It's amazing how these posts span over the past decade+ of blog posts. I don't always love trying to keep this blog maintained - to be honest it is a ton of work - but I do love having the written (or typed) record of the projects I made so I won't be giving it up anytime soon!

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