The Carly Quiltalong - My Scrap Quilt

While I had originally planned to make a regular old scrap quilt for the Carly Quiltalong, I revised that decision after sorting through my scraps. Out of the giant stack of squares that I have in the right size, about 1/3 of the squares were solids and there was a pretty good distribution of colors and shades.


I have to do it. I have no choice. I'm making a rainbow scrap quilt with solids. It will be reminiscent of this quilt. My original mockup looked like this:

The Carly Quiltalong - Scrappy Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

(Just imagine that each of the shapes is made of different shades of the colors instead of having them all the same.)

Carly Block

But then I looked at my scraps again and just like that rainbow Cleo Quilt, I decided to have the pink color go through the middle since I had the most pink squares and the fewest green squares. The quilt will look more like this.  

The Carly Quiltalong - Scrappy Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

I went through my solid squares to make sure I have enough variation in color and just had to cut a couple of extra pieces from my stash to get a little more variety. I am thinking that I will probably use a white solid as the background fabric, but if I have enough of a fabric with a tiny Swiss dot, I might do that instead. 

The Carly Quiltalong - Scrappy Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

If you are making a scrap quilt, your cutting process will take longer so I would recommend getting started cutting your squares before next week. 

I am loving all of the fabric photos that have popped up on Instagram so far, you guys are making beautiful quilts!

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