The Libby Quilt in Panorama

I have been wanting to make another version of my Libby Quilt pattern and I thought it would be fun to make it in Panorama. Those sheep - they are too cute!

The Libby Quilt in Panorama 2
The Libby Quilt in Panorama 4

If you were following along with my Instagram stories last week you might have seen me make this entire quilt top during my son's nap time. It is a crazy quick quilt to put together!

The Libby Quilt in Panorama

I do wish I had taken the time to line up the waves on the wave-y print, but I didn't and I'm fine with it. I think I got a little carried away with the whole Instagram stories/nap time thing. 

The Libby Quilt in Panorama 5

If you are interested in making your own version of this pattern, Brewstitched has kindly put together a kit. There is one for this Panorama colorway in both lap and baby size and those sizes are also available in the Cloud colorway.

The Libby Quilt in Panorama 3

Finished Size: 51" x 64"
Pattern: The Libby Quilt
Fabric: Panorama from Cotton + Steel

The Libby Quilt in Panorama - Kitchen Table Quilting


  1. I do love that fabric. And I had issues with lining up some of my fabrics on the Christmas version I did. Can I tell you something? I was relieved when I first saw yours didn't quite match up. Please understand that I am not critiquing your awesome quilt, but it made me breath a sigh of relief thinking that it was OK that I didn't think to match up mine. If YOU didn't stress over it then it was OK that I didn't. Yeah...I am a bit compulsive! I really do appreciate you!

    1. Your comment makes me feel better too. No one is perfect, and a quilt doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful!

  2. Love this quilt, colors, everything. I am going to try it and see what comes out.


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