January lucky stars block

I signed up to participate in the Lucky Stars BOM and I am really glad that I did.  I am hoping to get a little more confident about paper piecing and, of course, it is fun to see what everyone else does with their blocks.  I am planning on making the 6" version because I don't really need another quilt and I think these would make a great table runner or wall quilt in the end.

I made January's block today.  It was pretty easy and came together during my kids nap.  I just love how cute and tiny the 6" block is!  I actually laughed out loud when I picked up the templates off of the printer because they are so tiny.
Lucky Stars BOM - January
I accidentally switched the red fabrics when I made my first B block, so rather than fix the problem I just switched them on the other B block.  It doesn't bother me. 

Lately I have been working on my + and x blocks that I started last year.  So far I have around 40 blocks, and I am planning on making the finished quilt 7 blocks by 9 blocks so I have a few more to go!
+ and x blocks


  1. Love how cute your 6" block is! I'm doing Lucky Stars too! I did the first block 12", but I like your idea of a table runner. I might just start over! I already have several quilts on the go and don't need another one either!

  2. Your star looks great - wasn't it fun? And you x and + ... are they from last year's swap? Just curious...I have quite a few from the swap, and really want to make more once my #scrappytripalong is done!

  3. That's an awesome block! It looks so much bigger in the photo. :)


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