mouthy stitches swap

I was very excited to come home last night and find a package from the UK waiting for me.  Moira made me a beautiful tote and key fob as part of the Mouthy Stitches swap.

I just love the cheerful exterior:

and she used one of my all time favorite prints for the interior:
She also made this adorable key fob:
I have really gotten addicted to participating swaps.  It is so fun to participate in a group of people who are working hard to make something thoughtful for someone else :)

My partner, Patti, also received her package yesterday.  I love the snowy pictures she put of the tote on her blog.  I am really wishing we had something resembling snow here right now, it is supposed to be 90 degrees in Los Angeles on Monday!


  1. Fun stuff! I just saw Patti's post as well. How cute that your partner spelled your name on the fob!

  2. so pleased you like them, Erica x


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