finished happy drawing quilt

When I made this quilt for my daughter, I knew that I wanted to make an equivalent for my son.  We were in Sew Modern a few weeks ago and I let Jonah pick out the fabric.  He loved this Ed Emberley octopus print and I thought that would be perfect.
ed emberley quilt
Both quilts are backed in chocolate brown Moda Snuggles fabrics, they are both made with bright colors, both bound in a striped binding, and they are both about the same size.  I knew that I wanted to do something simple for Jonah's quilt so that I didn't chop up all of those cute Ed Emberley prints into tiny pieces, so I drew my inspiration from here.

moda snuggles quilt back
It is quilted with straight lines about an 1.5" apart.  When I showed the quilt to my son he said, "Oh, those are my favorite animals."  
ed emberley quilt closeup
I have been meaning to make my son a pillowcase for a while, so I thought I would make each of my kids a pillowcase to match their snuggly blankets.  I used this tutorial and they were fun and easy to put together.
nap sets
In retrospect I do wish that I had left the chevron prints out of the quilt because I think they are a little distracting, but my son is happy with the quilt so that's all that really matters :)


  1. Very nice Erica. I don't find the chevrons distracting, in fact they didn't stand out to me until you mentioned it! Just part of a fun boy quilt. :) I've used that pillowcase tutorial before and loved how simple it was.

  2. What a fun quilt. I see what you mean about the chevron quilts, but I think they're OK.

  3. Wonderful. Your son will treasure it ; )

  4. I disagree about the chevron print...I think it totally makes the quilt. Cute!

  5. I like the chevrons too...makes the quilt more interesting.


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