giant patchwork tote

So I keep seeing patchwork totes like these all over the place, and since I have an overflowing scrap bin and I am in need of a giant tote I thought I would give it a shot.  I used this tutorial, only I made mine way bigger.  This project was FUN and it was pretty EASY so I would definitely recommend it.  My 4 year old has already put in a request for a miniature version for herself.
It was fun to dig through my scraps and put some of my favorites to good use.  I also chose a few that I knew my kids would like.
 And I lined it with this red Outside Oslo print that I adore.  I just put one pocket inside because I know myself and I know that I tend to just throw everything into a bag without even attempting to be organized
 I definitely think I will be making more like these in the future.


  1. Oh it looks great! I have pinned a bag like that, no doubt probably one of the ones that inspired you. It looks nice and stiff which is how I like my bags - which interfacing did you use since I'm still trying to work out what's the best. I'm just about to make a Jane Market bag for a swap and was just contemplated which interfacing I will try.


  2. Very nice! Such a pretty and roomy bag.

  3. What a great use of scraps. A good size too.


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