Pattern Corrections

The Libby Quilt
If you purchased the Libby Quilt prior to August 2018, the following errors might be in your pattern. The PDF pattern has been corrected and the I have handwritten the correction onto the paper pattern. If you would like a corrected PDF sent to you, just send me and email and I will get it to you!
Baby Size

  • You need to cut (3) of the 3.75" background squares. When you cut them along the diagonal, this will make (6) triangles.
  • The pattern says that you need to cut (3) 6.5" x 9.5" pieces from Fabric A, but you only need (1).

Lap Size

  • You only need to cut (1) of the 3.75" background squares.

The Julia Quilt

  • In the step 2 of the "Block Construction" section of the pattern, it should say, "Sew a 2.5" x 6.5" Background piece onto an adjacent side."

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