New Pattern - The Kelly Quilt


When I am working on a pattern, one important step in the process is trying the pattern out with several different fabric collections. I have found that sometimes a pattern works really well with one or two collections, but doesn't work well with others - I want my patterns to be versatile and work with what you have (or what you want to buy).


If a design doesn't work well with lots of different options, I don't make the pattern. The reason that I am bringing this up today is because the Kelly Quilt pattern works SO WELL with SO MANY fabrics (you can check out some of them here). Having a pattern that is adaptable makes it so much fun to sew with.

And guess what? The Kelly Quilt is fat quarter friendly too. 


If you are a newer quilter, this pattern is a good on-point quilt to try because the block construction is pretty simple. This is definitely a project that looks harder than it is - it's also faster than it looks. 

I have made a second version which I will be sharing soon, and I am really wanting to make a third version soon. Maybe rainbow? 


The cover quilt uses a new collection by Sarah Watts called Florida and it is just gorgeous. I love Sarah's aesthetic and these fabrics are fun and quirky, but should also mix well with other fabrics and collections. I particularly love the manatee print. So cute!


The pattern is available in my shop as both a paper and a PDF pattern - and there is a free coloring sheet download to plan out your quilt. Head over to pick up a copy of the pattern while it is on sale this week. 


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  2. Will this pattern work with fat eighths?

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