Mingled Quilt

A few months ago I designed a quilt using Tanya Whelan's new Charlotte collection.  The pattern is called Mingled.
Her fabrics are beautiful, but a little out of my comfort zone which was actually one of my favorite things about working with them.  I would really like to try this design using some bright colors to see how it turns out.

The pattern is available (for free!) on Freespirit's website.


  1. I really like this quilt and the pattern. This soft pastel would be good for many people, it's kind of a serenity quilt with the colors. Love your pattern !

    1. Thanks! I am not generally a pastel person, but this collection was very nice.

  2. Beautiful! I rarely work with colors like this but they are sweet and pretty in your design.

  3. A very pretty and restful design.

  4. Love your pattern, I would try it in other fabric chooses to If I decided to make it. A little to pastel for me.

  5. Gorgeous pattern! I think it is fun to work with fabrics which are out of our comfort zone. You did a superb job!!!


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