Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Flower Power Strip Quilt

I have had this beautiful quilt pinned on Pinterest for a long time and decided that it would be perfect for my next quilt.  Mine is a little less subdued, but I wanted to use prints and I wanted to use pink and orange so I went a little bit of a different direction.
Flower Power Strip Quilt
It ended up a little crazy, but it was a fun way to use up some yardage and showcase some prints.  
Flower Power Strip Quilt
I kept the quilting simple and did two straight lines on each side of the long seams.  It isn't fancy, but it leaves the quilt feeling soft and snuggly.  

Of course after going to the trouble of going somewhere to take photos of the quilt, I forgot to take a photo of the backing and this quilt is already in the mail on its way to a friend.  The only photo I have is a phone photo I took while quilting.  I used this Cotton + Steel Melody Miller print.  It is so adorable!
Flower Power Strip Quilt
If you are interested in making a similar quilt, it is easy to plan out with a piece of graph paper.  I cut each strip 2.5" wide and then subcut into the smaller pieces.  
Flower Power Quilt Layout
Finished size: 54" x 66"
Backing: Melody Miller's Trinket - Happy Garden in Steel Blue
Inspiration: Value Bricks by Jacquie Gering
Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton Select
Flower Power Strip Quilt


Pat said...

Your quilt and the inspiration quilt are both lovely.

Svetlana said...

I do love this quilt, it's a beauty for sure :). And thanks for sharing your sketch, it's definitely going on my to do list.

Havplenty said...

A striking quilt. I love quilts I can make with strips. I cut 2.5" strips from most of my incoming fabrics for quick projects later.

Melody A. said...

Wow , what an amazing quilt ! it is just gorgeous. and thanks for the diagram. take care and Happy Sewing from Iowa

Denise P said...
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Denise P said...

I admire the technical skill in getting seams straight, etc. I can't do that. (Though with practice, I probably could, if I cared to.) However, I am EXTREMELY impressed with your little sketch and map. The colors are balanced and have such beautiful movement and interplay. That is completely beyond my skill set, and I don't know where I would even start learning! Your skill with color always impresses me. - - your admiring sister in law.

Cathy said...

I love your quilt much better than the original. Hugs

Allison said...

REALLY love this one Erica! Mega impressed with your diagram skills too!

Bessie said...

Beautiful quilt. I love the backing fabric. Your quilting is so straight and looks awesome. What thread did you use and what stitch length did you use? I am making a jelly roll quilt and I am doing the straight line quilting also, but mine doesn't look anything like yours. I have had so many issues with my quilt bunching up on me. I had to take out about 4 lines and start over. I was almost to the point of throwing it out!!! I still have about 16 more lines to go. I am so ready to be done :o)

Bessie said...

Thanks for getting back to me. I really do appreciate it. I do pin baste my quilts. I don't think I have ever used the spray basting method. I used 100% cotton thread by Gutterman (sp?) I used a 2.0 stitch length. I think that might have been why my quilt did not look as nice. I finally finished my quilting and now I am working on the binding. I do agree with you that after you finish the quilting, it does look a little better. If I ever do the straight line quilting again, I will use the Aurifil thread and the 4.0 stitch length :o)
Thanks again!!!

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