New Pillow Covers (Part 1)

The pillows in our family room get a lot of use.  They get slept on, jumped on, thrown, crawled over, etc. and every year or so they need to be replaced.  The other day when I suddenly had an evening where I had finished all of my current projects and wasn't quite ready to start anything else on my to do list, I made a couple of pillow covers.
Hazel Pillow Front
This one uses scraps from Allison Harris' Hazel collection that I had leftover from making this quilt.  I think that this collection has such a fun and happy color combo.  I used some larger scraps for the back as well and this pillow cover finished up at 20" x 20".
Hazel Pillow Back
The back has a zipper closure that I made using this method.  I have tried a few different closure methods, but this is the one that I keep coming back to. 
Panda Pillow Front
And then I made a second pillow cover using leftovers from this quilt and this quilt.  I made the mistake of not measuring my pillow form before I made the pillow and there is now a 14" pillow form stuffed into a 12" pillow cover.  Oops!  I think I might get a smaller pillow form and add this to my daughter's bed since this pillow is a little on the small side for the family room
Panda Pillow Back
I am halfway through making another pillow cover that I will hopefully finish at some point, so stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. Love it. I'm on a pillow mission right now so it's nice to get a litttle extra inspiration. :D

  2. I love these pillows. They are so cute! I need new pillows too.
    These are really inspiring too
    Thanks for sharing your massive creativity

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