Skopelos Quilt Tutorial

It took a few days, but I finally worked out the kinks and was able to print a PDF  for my Skopelos Quilt from EQ7.  I would like to say also that the kind people at Electric Quilt have absolutely the best customer service I have ever encountered and spent a lot of time helping me to figure out the issue.  They are amazing.
Skopelos Quilt
Since this quilt block is very similar to sewing together Drunkard's Path blocks and there are lots of great tutorials out there (check out this one or this one), I am going to keep this pretty basic.  Actually since I didn't take photos while making the quilt, I mean very basic, so if you have any questions or there is anything that isn't clear please let me know.  

Fabric Requirements:
1/4 yard for the print on the top row
1/2 yard for the prints on rows 2-5
1/3 yard for the print on the bottom row
1 1/2 yards quilt backing
3/8 yard binding

1.  First you need to print out the template here.  

2.  Cut 6.5" strips from your fabrics.  If you are making a quilt the same size as mine, you will need 2 strips from each fabric except the one on the top row and the one on the bottom row.  

3.  For the top row you will need to cut 6 pieces with the convex templates, for the bottom row you will need to cut 6 pieces with the concave templates, and from all of the other prints you will need to cut 6 pieces from each of the templates. 

4.  Join the templates together just like a Drunkard's Path template, even though the proportions are a little different.  You will need 6 that look something like this for each row.
5.  Sew the blocks into rows.
Row 1 will be arranged like this:
 Row 2 will be arranged like this:

6.  Cut a 2" x width of fabric strip of fabric from each of the prints and a 4" x width of fabric strip of from whatever print you are using at the bottom of the quilt.  

7.  Alternate the 2" strips with your rows of templates and add the 4" strip at the bottom of the quilt and complete the quilt top.
Skopelos Quilt
Finished quilt size: 39" x 49"


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