The Giant Giant Hexagon Quilt

For the past week or so I have been working on a new quilt top for our bed.  I know that I talked a little about doing a Glam Clam quilt, but when I looked at the directions I realized that I was not into making that many Glam Clams (I do intend to make a smaller Glam Clam quilt later).  So I went with plan B.
the giant giant hexagon quilt
Now I know that this looks a little scary, but this (by far) the fastest queen size quilt I have ever put together.  I did ALL of the cutting in one day thanks to this great little trick.

I initially decided to use this tutorial, but after looking at the directions I realized that I could use my Creative Grids 60 degree triangle ruler to make the cutting go super fast.  I just put masking tape on the 4" line (the top tape) and the 8.5" line (the bottom tape).  Then I cut 4.5" wide strips of fabric, stacked it 4 layers high, and then lined the fabric up between the tape and cut along the outside of the ruler.  It was so fast.  
hexagon cutting
Then I followed the rest of the tutorial.  Even though my seams were really long, my points lined up beautifully and I am really pleased with the results.  The only problem now is that there is no way I am up for basting a 100" x 104" quilt while pregnant so I am looking into sending it in to a long arm quilter.  
the giant giant hexagon quilt
I already asked for some suggestions on Instagram, but if you have a quilter that you absolutely love, I would appreciate any recommendations.  Getting a quilt this large quilted is expensive and I am a little nervous about sending it out!


  1. Try Melissa at

    I've not used her, but I hope to. I've read a lot of bloggers who have used her (Amy Smart, Maureen Cracknell, etc). Her work is beautiful.

    Your quilt is to DIE for! Hope you're feeling fine. :-)

  2. I've used Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting twice. She does beautiful work and her turn around time is quick! I definitely recommend her.

  3. As a longarm-er, when I look at a customer's quilt, there are several questions at the top of the order form that often shape the kind of FMQing the quilt will require.
    For example: is it for everyday use? is it for a competition? Just these first 2 questions can greatly impact the cost because one is meant to be soft and cuddly while the other requires intense custom work making it stiffer.
    Since I know this is for everyday use for both you and your husband, I would ask if you have considered straight stitching with random orange peel blossoms. Masculine and feminine, but not overly so.
    Just a quick thought.

  4. This turned out lovely! Amazing that it's so quick...

  5. Great color choices. Can't wait to see it quilted. Do you have an idea of how you want it done?

  6. Hi Erica - I use the long arm quilters at - I have used them for years - I mail my quilts to them. They do a great job and are really fast, also, I think their prices are reasonable. Hope this helps! Love the hexes!!!

  7. Whenever I have a special quilt I send it to Teresa Silva who blogs at "quilting is my bliss" - she does great work, not sure about her current turnaround time

  8. Quilt top looks great! I've used the masking tape on the ruler trip before and could not believe how helpful it was!

  9. This quilt is going to be super fab! I've been wanting to make a hexagon quilt for forever but never have taken the time to make a template, I like how you cut yours out.

  10. Beautiful Quilt!! Love all the colors. :)

  11. I just sent a quilt to snowflake Quilting ( new to the business but she did an amazing, and affordable, custom job on a throw sized piece for me...

  12. I'm so glad to read your ruler hint. I've always loved the hexagon but also didn't want to paper piece or hand sew. Your quilt is wonderful. Enjoy!

  13. I adore this! Your fabric choices are perfect to blend with the half hexie edges. I just did the same tape trick with my Hex n More ruler, for 60* triangles! Thanks for pointing to a lovely tutorial. I hope you are feeling well.

  14. I love it! It is so pretty. I am also looking for a longarmer because I just finished up a quilt top about this size too. Congrats on the baby!! :)

  15. I don't have any quilter recommendations, but I'm excited for you that you knocked out a big quilt like this so fast. Yay! I hear you on not piecing that many curved clams. Yowzers!

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