mini swoon quilt

I finally, finally finished up this mini Swoon Quilt.  It is for my friend's new baby girl (well, she was born in January, this is a little late!) and I am going to give it to her in person tomorrow.
mini swoon quilt
This was made using Camille Roskelley's mini swoon pattern.  It is definitely not a quick project to make a baby quilt out of the 8" blocks, but I am pleased with how cute and tiny the little swoon blocks are. And despite being time consuming the blocks aren't difficult.

June Blocks and Iron Drama

This month for do. Good Stitches Becky asked us to make Bell Wave blocks.  She wanted us to each choose a color and then make 2 blocks in that color, one with a lighter value and one with a darker value.  I chose yellow.  This should be a really fun quilt.
bell wave blocks
In addition to working on these I have been taking the kids to swimming lessons, going to the fair, and somehow being entirely more busy than I was during the school year.  I thought this was supposed to be summer vacation?

I have also been struggling to find a replacement iron after I dropped my Singer Expert Finish onto the ground.  It did not survive.

schnitzel and boo mini quilt swap

A few weeks ago I decided to sign up for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap.  This was probably not the best idea since I knew that I was going to be short on time, but I really wanted to participate so I made it work.  I have participated in several swaps in the past but it has been a long time.

I am a little worried that this may be a little out of my partner's comfort zone, but she gave me a lot of freedom and not much inspiration so I just went the direction that felt right.  This mini was inspired by the Spiced Chai book by Katie Clark Blakesley in the Vintage Quilt Revival.
spiced chai mini
The center fabric is from Rashida Coleman Hale's Koi collection and it is one of my absolute favorites.  I used the colors in the print as inspiration and made half square triangles that are 2" finished.  The background fabric is one of my favorites: Carolyn Friedlander's Crosshatch in grey. This used up all that I had left so I will be needing to restock (it's available here and here).

The mini quilt isn't very mini - it's 24" square.  Hopefully my partner has a nice big space on her wall.  My partner requested sweets as an "extra" to send with the quilt.  The kids and I have had fun hunting down a few weird flavored candies that my partner might not find where she lives so hopefully she has fun with them!

sewing room (?) tour

We are in the middle of the super fun process of refinancing our house and today we have the appraiser coming over so my sewing room really needed to be straightened up.  I figured this was a good time to take some photos.

It is not exactly a room, I don't really know what you would call it.  When we were looking at houses we tried to make it a priority to find a house that would have 1) a home office for my husband since he works very long hours and this way he can work at home sometimes and 2) a sewing space for me. The house we ended up buying has an addition that was made for the previous owner's parents to live in.  It is basically an extra bedroom (my husband's office) plus an extra space between the living room and the office.  I don't know what the previous owners used this space for, but it is my sewing room.
 A couple challenges of using this space are the lack of a closet and the number of doors and windows in the room.  There are 4 doors (one is a giant sliding glass door), a window, and an opening that looks into the living room.  Because there is so little wall space I have had to put my design wall behind my desk and sewing table which has made it a little difficult to reach.


a quilt top and a giveaway winner

This little baby quilt (using Camille's Mini Swoon pattern) is the reason you haven't seen much from me lately.  It may be small, but it has taken me FOREVER.  I have had some family in town twice since I started working on these blocks so that definitely made things go a little more slowly, but it has taken more than two weeks to finish these up.  Good thing they are cute!
mini swoon quilt top
I am still planning on adding a border to the edges, but I was out of energy last night and was just pleased to finally get the quilt top put together.  Making this little quilt top definitely took longer than making my big Swoon quilt top!
aunt edna swoon quilt front
This quilt is going to have to be set aside for a few days while I make my Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt for the swap and get my June blocks finished up.  

And the winner of the Southern Fabric gift certificate is . . .
Congrats Barbara!  You will be getting an email soon.

Southern Fabric Giveaway

Happy Friday!  Today I have a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate from Southern Fabric.  I hope you all have a fun Father's Day weekend planned; Sunday is also my son's birthday so I am looking forward to a weekend of cake and presents and family.  

In addition to the celebrating with family, I am also looking forward to doing a little fabric shopping (of course).  Southern Fabric is having a great sale with layer cakes $25 and under.  

I have my eye on this Color me Happy layer cake:
 And this Witch Hazel layer cake would make such a fun Halloween quilt:
What about you, which layer cake catches your eye?  To enter the giveaway visit the sale here and leave a comment letting me know which is your favorite.  For a second entry, follow southernfabric on Instagram and leave a second comment.

I will choose a winner on Tuesday evening.

The giveaway is now closed.  

Have a wonderful weekend!

WIP Wednesday

Things have been a little slow around here.  In addition to end of year school activities and trying to refinance our house, we had my husband's sister and her family staying with us for a few days and very little sewing has happened.

My main project right now is making a baby quilt for one of my best friends in the world.  Her baby was born earlier this year and I made this quilt for her, but it did not feel like the right quilt for her so I am starting over.

I struggled with what to make and finally settled on a quilt of mini swoon blocks.  It has been quite time consuming, but I think that the end result will be worth it.  I am currently trimming a zillion HSTs down to 1.5".
 I am also participating in the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap.  The deadline on this one is approaching quickly and I haven't even started, so I pulled a quick pile of fabric and scraps earlier today an an effort to jump start things. I will probably use few (or none) of these but at least I got started.

Part of the problem is that my partner gave me very little direction and said that she would like whatever I made.  Which is great, but it also left me feeling a little lost. But it will get done.

Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

Kissing Diamonds Quilt Tutorial

After I posted my Verdant quilt a few weeks ago I had a few requests for a tutorial.  Since this is not all that difficult to put together I thought I would put together a quick tutorial.
kissing diamonds quilt tutorial
I thought I'd change the name of the quilt for the tutorial since Verdant referred to all of the green in my quilt and you can use whichever fabrics you would like.  My daughter is in kindergarten and her teacher is always reminding them not to have "kissing words" when they write, which means that there words touch. Since the edges of each color of diamond touch I thought that would be a fun name :)
verdant finished quilt
Cut the diamonds. You will need 217 total diamonds.  For my quilt I used 5 different colors: 45 green, 45 peach, 37 blue, 46 orange, and 44 yellow.  Some rows need 8 diamonds and some need 7 so depending on your layout you may need a couple more or less than that number.

To cut the diamonds cut a strip of fabric 5" x WOF, leaving the fabric folded.  I used a fat quarter here but you could also use a wider cut.
verdant quilt tutorial
Now turn the fabric sideways and line up the 60 degree mark on your ruler with the bottom of the fabric and trim off the edge. 
verdant quilt tutorial
 Now line up the 60 degree mark with the bottom of the fabric again, but line up the left edge with the 5" mark on the ruler.  Cut.
verdant quilt tutorial
If you are cutting from a fat quarter you can get 2 diamonds per strip and if you are using the full width of the fabric you can get 4 diamonds.  Keep cutting until you have the desired number of diamonds.

Once you have them cut, choose a layout for your quilt.  I am going to make a much smaller version (using Valori Wells Blueprint Basics) to illustrate.
verdant quilt tutorial
We are going to piece them together into diagonal rows like in the following photo.  Forgive my crudely drawn arrows!
verdant quilt tutorial
To piece together the diamonds take two of the diamonds from a diagonal row.
verdant quilt tutorial
And fold the top diamond down onto the bottom diamond so they are right sides together.  Instead of lining up the corners like you do with squares, you want the edges of the diamonds to cross 1/4" from the top.  If it helps you can measure 1/4" down to make sure you are getting it right, but after you have done a few you should just be able to eyeball it.  Be careful not to stretch the fabric.  I like to use a pin at each edge and 2 in the middle just to be safe.
verdant quilt tutorial
Press your seams open.  Now repeat until you have completed the row.  You can clip the little dog ears if you prefer to, but I left mine and didn't feel like it added much bulk at all.  
verdant quilt tutorial
Once you have completed the rows they should look something like this (but of course bigger).
verdant quilt tutorial
Piecing together the rows is slightly trickier, but still not that hard, because you can't see where you are lining up the seams.  Elizabeth Hartman recently did a really great tutorial about piecing diamonds if you want some additional help.  You still want the seams to cross 1/4" from the top but you just have to feel around for where they cross.  I would definitely recommend pinning at each seam intersection; the fabric here can stretch and we don't want that to happen!
verdant quilt tutorial
Piece the rows until you have a finished quilt top.  
verdant quilt tutorial
Now you are going to trim the edges.  Just line your ruler up 1/4" to the right of where the diamonds meet on the end of your quilt.  I'm not sure if that makes sense so hopefully this photo will help.
verdant quilt tutorial
And you have a finished quilt top!
verdant quilt tutorial
I hope that is helpful for those of you that requested a tutorial.  Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them!


Teacher's Gift Plus Quilt

My daughter's kindergarten teacher this year has been fantastic.  We moved in a month after school started and Harper really struggled.  Her teacher made her feel welcome and has been positive and encouraging.  So I wanted to make sure to do something special for her.
teacher's gift plus quilt
I know that her favorite colors are royal blue, purple, and pink so I wanted to incorporate all of those colors.  I had a couple prints from Aneela Hooey's Hello Petal which just happened to involve all of those colors, plus they seemed perfect for a kindergarten teacher.
teacher's gift plus quilt
Because I have had a lot on my plate lately I did a simple plus quilt with 5" squares.  I think that because the squares are so big it makes the quilt look smaller than it is: it is 63" x 72".  It is quilted with crosshatching since apparently that's all I do anymore, ha ha.  But seriously it is my favorite.  

The backing is a Shelburne Falls print that I had on hand and the binding is (I think) Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater.  
teacher's gift plus quilt
All that it needs is for my daughter to help me make a label for the back.  She still has 2 entire weeks of school left so we should have plenty of time (thought we will probably save it for the last minute).  
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